DevilDark: The Fallen Kingdom Review

By , on April 17, 2012

DevilDark: The Fallen Kingdom
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3 out of 5


  • Decent variety of weapons / armor with special effects; weapons also impart abilities.
  • Smooth 3D performance; recent updates focused on ensuring comparability is universal.


  • Limited set of environments; you'll see the same areas again and again even without grinding.
  • Poor camera use; environment can obscure vision and locked / zoomed-in perspective makes it all too easy to get stuck / lost.
  • No real meaningful customization; some character tweaks, but otherwise plays exactly the same.


DevilDark: The Fallen Kingdom takes many of its basic cues from games such as DeathSpank, but in an effort to simplify proceedings Triniti Interactive goes a little too far, leaving little to sink your teeth in to.

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Despite their brutishly simple style, Action-RPGs remain steadfastly appealing; being able to dispatch hordes of enemies and then sifting through the chunky remains for useful items seems to push all the right kind of buttons for many gamers. DevilDark: The Fallen Kingdom by Triniti Interactive attempts to cash in on this simplicity, but it pulls its punch a little too much, making for a less than compelling title.

While there are no specific classes, players can find themselves beating down baddies with one of three basic weapon types - each with their own bonuses (ostensibly tied to a minimalistic 'skill'-tree) to change up how you approach each fight. That said, you're going to run straight in, smash the 'special' and attack buttons, chugging potions as needed and continue with your current quest until it is completed.

Thankfully the game does throw up some challenges in the form of boss fights, but they're few and far between, leaving the player stuck grinding for additional levels, cash and equipment to safely take on the rapidly scaling 'story' quests.

The variety of said weapons and armor are also limited, though weapons do feature innate special abilities, 'elemental' damage, and some armor set bonuses can be extremely helpful. What is far less appealing is the inclusion of IAP-only items, some of which can be very powerful, and more disturbingly, despite having paid for the game, there are advertisements in the menus - possibly a hold-over from some earlier freemium iteration of the title.

Although DevilDark is competent enough to remain entertaining for hardcore fans of dungeon-crawlers, the need to revisit areas again and again, the taunting inclusion of IAP items, and lack of any real character customization makes it a hard game to recommend.


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