Burnout™ CRASH! Review

By , on April 17, 2012

Burnout™ CRASH!
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4 out of 5


  • Intuitive single-touch controls; touch and swipe to shuffle and explode.
  • Each game mode and environment requires subtle, but none-the-less unique approaches.
  • Amusing presentation; zoomed out for huge explosions and packed with quips and fun features.


  • Subtleties may not be enough for some; tying the explosion and movement in to one control can make the destruction feel almost random.
  • Easy to lose track of your vehicle; explosions rock the screen, flinging you and vehicles everywhere (a highlight would help).


Burnout Crash! thinks big with its large maps, huge explosions and crazy mix of mayhem-inducing bonuses; it's fun, but mindless and the perfect distraction for those after some simple fun.

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Mayhem and destruction - these two factors have continually kept the Burnout series addictive and appealing to play, no matter its iteration. Burnout Crash! by Criterion Games and EA Mobile is no exception, though its reliance on random success can wear thin if you're after something that requires more skill.

Don't let that thought get you down though. Learning to control your vehicle (in so much as you can) to create the biggest chain reactions can be immensely rewarding - not the least thanks to the beautiful series of explosions that rock your screen and the amusing audio feedback that cracks jokes at the expense of your tiny victims.

There are six areas to ply your destructive crafts on, each with a handful of intersections and three game modes to choose from. Each share a basic system of needing to fill the 'Crashbreaker' bar by causing destruction, then tapping to explode, thus continuing the train-wreck of mayhem. Swiping provides 'after touch' controls to slide / bounce your car in to new positions, setting up skill-shot combos or attempting to take out a fast-food van for a random bonus. Objectives for each mode also provide you with some sort of goal aside from the obvious destructive ones.

These modes range from the 'Rush Hour' where you're provided with 90 seconds to do as much damage as you can; 'Pile Up' mode, where the player needs to consider how to not only earn a high 'inferno' combo by destroying all the incoming cars, but then scorching the landscape as much as possible; and finally 'Road Block', a test of your finesse and skill at blocking traffic to trigger powerful special features such as a tornado. Though the differences may seem subtle at first, you'll need to master the control of your car to complete all the available objectives.

Burnout Crash! may be oafish in its mindless simplicity, but from its witty remarks, amusing use of music clips, crazy explosions, and beautifully considered variety of locations, the game remains entertaining well beyond expectations.


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