Shaun the Sheep - Fleece Lightning Review

By , on April 20, 2012

Fleece Lightning
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3 out of 5


Unmistakably Aardman-esque visual style. Slick control variety; tilt controls especially fun to use.


Repetitious; 80 short levels don't provide as much variety in the gameplay as they should.


Fleece Lightning is a perfect distraction for younger audiences or those after a no-frills time-trial racer with a fun twist!

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[This title was the Mini-review for the Friday News Wrap-Up for the 20th of April, 2012]

Shaun is back once again, but this time he doesn't have is fellow wooly-friends in-tow. In fact he's going solo, sprinting at top speed to out-run the pigs to win the 'Fleece Lightning' competition. Each of the game's 80 levels will only take a few seconds to complete, but getting to the end isn't easy thanks to a host of hazards, not to mention the pigs themselves. Thankfully the controls are more than up to the task with touch, swipe and tilt options being available, with the 'tilt' being the best-on-show thanks to its surprising amount of fidelity. Sadly the game's repetitious nature makes it hard to play the game in anything but short bursts, but even once you're done you can spend your time designing your own tracks and testing them on your friends. Much like Shaun the Sheep, Fleece Lightning is aimed squarely at younger audiences and it's a treat thanks to its distinctly Aardman-esque visuals and casual gameplay. A definite thumbs up if your kids love the TV series.


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