Hambo Review

By , on April 25, 2012

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4 out of 5


  • Fragger with more of an 'action' feel; more direct in its use of skill-shots.
  • Tonnes of content to plow through; unlockable skins provide a decent motivator for perfecting stages.


  • Some stages poorly balanced/designed; more reliant on luck than skill.


Hambo has a familiar feel to its piggie-shooting gameplay and once you're on a roll you'll start to feel like an action hero - just don't forget the bullets are just as deadly to you as they are to everyone else.

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Those familiar with Miniclip's earlier titles will be right at home with their latest cartoony puzzler, Hambo. In a way it's an extension of games like Fragger, tasking you with pulling off complicated shots by exploiting simplified physics, but this time the task is a little more personal than a grenade.

Not by much though - instead of lobbing an explosive over a wall, you're more often tasked with shooting a bullet directly at your piggy enemies. Velocity isn't necessarily important either; the bullets are deadly all by themselves, and simply getting one to fall on a pig (or having a pig fall on a bullet) will get the job done.

This leaves the game open to some rather frustratingly counter-intuitive 'gold' solutions, but more often than not it's easy enough to find the most efficient way to complete a stage.

With over 200 stages already available to play, there's a lot to work your way through as well. Thankfully each mission pack quickly introduces a handful of new environment changing hazards, a weapon or two and a variety of clever puzzles that range from making trick shots to requiring perfect timing; it's rare to feel as though you've seen a stage before, which is impressive considering the amount of initial content.

Aside from the basic missions players can unlock additional costumes to customize Hambo - it's purely aesthetic, but it also makes for a simple, yet effective incentive to try to get golds on all the stages you've completed.

While the game does occasionally suffer from a bit for its simple control scheme, Hambo is an otherwise amusing and fun action-puzzler that takes a new swipe at a formula Miniclip is already well-known for.


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