My Little Hero Review

By , on May 3, 2012

My Little Hero
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3 out of 5


  • Charming, toy-themed world; simple, but menacing.
  • Easy to play; keeps gameplay complexity to a minimum.


  • Sluggish and occasionally unresponsive controls.
  • Repetitive environments and challenges.
  • Camera placement paired badly with level design; plenty of blind spots without purpose.


My Little Hero is an adorable adventure game, but definitely suited to younger audiences instead of those looking for a challenge.

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I freely admit that as a child I had a stuffed toy that I brought to bed and while I knew he couldn't talk or interact with me, I liked to pretend he could at least understand me. The idea of loosing him would have been horrible, probably more so if it was the fabled Boogeyman that did it, so its no surprise to see the diminutive hero of My Little Hero braving the wilds to get him back.

The game is simple to pick up and play, sporting a basic virtual stick and button setup to move around and attack enemies or activate switches, pick up items and so on. Eventually you'll earn secondary items that can be used against various monsters or to manipulate the world, giving you access to additional areas and possibly one of the hero's many missing toys.

From its theme to its basic gameplay, My Little Hero feels as though it's aimed at a younger audience and if so, it does a solid job of things. However, older gamers may be irked at the games many smaller quirks, including sluggish acceleration on the hero, inconsistent attacks that can fail completely due to elevation problems and highly repetitive levels.

Aside from this, the game rewards diligent collection of buttons with the ability to repair recovered toys to gain bonuses, making your travels less of a challenge.

My Little Hero doesn't do anything spectacularly new or interesting, but the attention to detail that has gone in to the fantasy world may be enough to keep you exploring and seeking out more toys. If not, you can always let the younger family members take a crack at it.


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