Ski Safari Review

By , on May 8, 2012

Ski Safari
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4 out of 5


  • Surfing birds and yetis.
  • Really groovy soundtrack.


  • The game is a little easy which makes having progression tied to missions annoying.


Easy to play, and with lots of amusing surprises, Ski Safari will delight players for a playthrough or two, but then the shine starts to wear off a tad.

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If there's one memory that Ski Safari conjurers up, it's falling over in compromising positions. That was always the most perplexing part of learning to ski; having your legs sticking out in angles you thought an impossibility. Aside from the unintentional yoga, this game has you fleeing from an avalanche and interacting with all manner of birds and even a yeti (cause what self respecting ski game doesn't include a yeti).

The yeti however is not meant to be feared and avoided like other infamous ski games that need not be mentioned here; It's for riding! Penguins, yetis, and even eagles are all there to take you to new speeds and new heights. The game itself is quite simple. Tapping the screen makes you jump and holding down will backflip. Of course backflipping gives you more points (cause it's cool), but landing improperly will cause you to pretzel yourself, needing to tap furiously to pop back into shape to continue to avoid the ever increasing avalanche.

Along the way there are all manner of point bonus surprises, most of them linked to the mission objectives. The core game (especially on the first playthrough) is quite easy. It takes a lot to actually have the avalanche engulf you, but if you're trying to complete the objectives (which of course raise in difficulty as you raise in level), you'll find more and more challenge. Enough to hopefully keep you interested at least.

Add to that some great music to ski along to, and you have yourself a fun little time waster. Only those dedicated to the missions will get any lasting longevity out of this title, but for however long you play it, Ski Safari is a well made and fun experience that gets our recommendation.

[In addition to Dave's review, Andrew has given Ski Safari his personal thumbs up to Ski Safari and can be found spending his spare time grinding a Yeti in to the side of a mountain while attempting to ride the occasional bird]


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