Pudding Monsters Review

By , on December 20, 2012
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Pudding Monsters
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5 out of 5


  • Fascinating puzzle concept; join all the blobs in the right order to collect all the stars and become a multi-eyed monster.
  • Perfectly paced challenge; new puzzle gameplay dished out slow enough so you can learn while not getting bored.


  • Not as open to casual experimentation than previous titles; the focused puzzles may turn off those after a casual romp.


For some, the 75 levels packed in to Pudding Monsters won't be enough, but more levels are sure to come, especially once more people get wind of this wonderfully cute and addictive puzzler.

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After the incredible success of Cut the Rope, developer Zeptolab undoubtedly spent more than a moment wondering just how they'd follow it up. As it turns out, they've branched out in a new direction - albeit one still featuring sugary treats and three-star rated puzzlers - and players will have to flick and stick blobs of pudding together to create the ultimate Pudding Monster.

In each stage the player is given a handful of puddings they can flick around the screen. As with similarly designed puzzlers, once you've set a direction, the blob will keep moving until it's stopped by something in the environment. Should you miss, then the pudding will meet a sticky ending and the remaining blobs will briefly mourn its passing.

You didn't think ZeptoLab, the creators of the insanely cute 'Om Nom' would forget to cover their 'cute' quota in this game too did you? Actually, the blobs aren't so much cute as they are 'emotive', but the end result is the same - a gaggle of eyes, mouths, and debris openly wearing their feelings on their sleeve.

You'll have to wake up sleeping blobs; smash in to temporary walls of ice; match wits with blob-twins that move together; and even slimy blobs that create sticky barriers for others to stop on. Of course, getting the blobs together may be difficult, but you'll have to tax yourself even further to collect all three stars scattered on the stage as the final blob construct will need to cover all of them.

Pudding Monsters is a delightfully devious puzzler, and one that tries to capture the same simply joy of a game like Cut the Rope. On that score it misses slightly as there's less for casual players to 'play around' with, but with perseverance and a bit of luck you'll still manage to succeed.

A great follow up and well worth checking out.


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