Bunny Cannon Review

By , on December 25, 2012

Bunny Cannon
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4 out of 5


  • Now we now why rabbits breed so easily.
  • A good balance between skill and luck in the level design.


  • Some frame rate issues. May be too simplistic for some.


It's bunny Pachinko. That alone is worth a look.

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Having to explain the facts of life to a child cannot be an easy task, especially when your species is the metaphorical benchmark for mating. It's probably not a good idea to let a young bunny's imagination go off on its own with conflicting reports either, because Bunny Cannon is what happens.

The goal of each level is to get the required amount of girl and boy bunnies in their respective bassinets. This is accomplished by shooting a bunny cannon at any of the girl or boy bunnies just hanging quietly around the level. Now here's the weird part. If a bunny comes into contact with a baby bunny of its opposing gender, they instantly mate, sending even more bunnies towards the bassinets at the bottom. Throw in some Pachinko inspired level design and you have a very odd version of Peggle... kind of.

The problem with this style of game is the over-reliance on luck. Peggle managed to overshadow this problem with great sound design, and a variety of special moves. Bunny Cannon's variety comes from its levels, but the adherence to a rather strict bassinet goal on each stage quickly highlights this fault. However, because of the bizarre reasoning behind the gameplay, there is a level of amusement that comes from watching multitudes of baby bunnies springing forth out of nowhere, spiraling down chasms to cause a chain reaction of rabbits. Perhaps its this charm that will be the selling point of Bunny Cannon, and really, what's more amazing than the miracle of life, as ill-informed as this interpretation may be?


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