Dream of Pixels Review

By , on January 24, 2013

Dream of Pixels
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4 out of 5


  • Very atmospheric in its serenity.
  • Odd menu music track.
  • Plenty of modes.


  • Performance issues on older phones.
  • Can take some time to wrap your brain around.


You'd think such a concept as reverse Tetris would be as easy to grasp as it would be trite, but Dream of Pixels is neither, delivering an engaging puzzle game with a unique concept.

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Dream of Pixels is a deceptive title. When one expects a damning expose on the single-mindedness of retro games and those who cling feverishly to nostalgia explored in game form, one does not expect a spin on a gaming classic. We're joking of course. What we have here can be best described as 'reverse Tetris', but that really doesn't do it justice. It's as good a starting off point as any though, so let us commence!

There are multiple game modes that are unlocked through different means, but the main two worth mentioning are classic and puzzle. Classic embodies the game in its purist form. There are clouds at the top of the screen. The piece that shows up in the top left will take a chunk out of the cloud once you tap an area and let go. The piece can be rotated by using sort of a smart aim guide system, where the outline of the shape will change depending on the block area you pass your finger over - usually based on the likeliest wish of the player. If you clear a line of cloud, you will get points for it. Just like in Tetris four lines cleared is very beneficial to your score and your stress levels, as the game speeds up every time you level up by eradicating a certain number of lines. If you leave chunks of cloud hovering there, not only do they impede your placement, but your pixely dream will start to fade into waking if they reach the bottom of the screen, ending your game session.

The game is true to its name and contains a dreamlike quality with the cloudy blocks evoking images of starry nights or gorgeous sunsets. The music reinforces this theme, although the track chosen for the menu can nicely be described as odd, yet surprisingly catchy. Most of the other modes are variations on the classic mode (mostly being harder versions), though 'Puzzle' is an interesting beast, with an image made out of blocks that has to be completely cleared from the screen by using the shapes at your disposal. What starts off novel and basic soon becomes head-scratchingly complex, and it's a nice change of pace from the main mode.

Dream of Pixels is a rather low-key puzzle game, but it still manages to inspire the same level of dedication as the title that inspired it. You can use the game to unwind, as things never really get that taxing in puzzle mode or the lower levels of classic, or you can use the 'Pro' or 'Shattered Dreams' mode to really test your mettle. Either way, it takes a classic formula, turns it on its head and wraps it up in fluff, and we do mean that literally. This has the potential to appeal to a wide audience.


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