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Table Top Racing
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5 out of 5


  • Pitch perfect Arcade-style handling; responsive, but weighty enough to make jostling for position a potential hazard.
  • Clever power-up combinations; also rewards the player for successful use of their abilities.
  • Only some of the vehicles unlock via IAP; if you want them all, you'll have to work for it.


  • Uninspired concept; sticks to the Kart formula with little deviation.
  • Bordering on low on content; makes up the gap with different challenge combinations and smoothly scaling AI.


Table Top Racing is exactly what it says on the box, but there's nothing wrong with that when it's pulled off so smoothly and with so much style.

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When reviewing a title I often come across an internal dialogue in the form of a line of questioning that ends up sounding a little like this: "Where's all the depth? Shouldn't there be more stuff I can do?", "Does it matter? Are you having fun?", "Actually I am, but I'm afraid it won't last". For a game sporting as little as 8 stages and 10 vehicles, you'd think the fun would quickly run out, but Playrise Edge have nailed Table Top Racing's 'Kart' gameplay so perfectly that it's hard to wipe the smile off your face.

First and foremost, the game is an absolute doddle to pick up and play. Either tilt or touch the sides of the screen to turn, touch the left side to brake, and the right side to deploy a power-up (of which there are 9 to make use of including favorites such as mines and speed boosts).

So far so normal, but where Table Top lacks in conceptual innovation, it makes up for in the sheer level of polishing that has gone in to the execution. Handling for each vehicle is silky smooth; the stage designs pop out at you and load up almost instantly; and upgrading never feels like a chore as you earn copious amounts of coins via 'championships' and 'challenge' stages alike.

Speaking of the championships, players are presented with multiple paths for reaching the final 'cup' stage in order to unlock the next cup/championship. Obviously rushing there isn't in your best interest as the AI receives better vehicles to compensate for your progression, but those who have bought currency via IAP will appreciate the short-cut to greater challenges.

Sometimes it's easy to see why innovation is considered overrated, especially when finer details add enough depth to keep you hooked (Pro Tip: use the EMP to counter incoming rockets and you'll soar to victory without fear!).

With any luck we'll see even more content down the road, but for now Table Top Racing is an easy game to recommend to anyone after a solid Kart racer for their iPhone or iPad.


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