Puzzle Restorer Review

By , on February 15, 2013

Puzzle Restorer
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4 out of 5


  • 80 stages to test your color-mixing/path-drawing skills on. Elegant puzzle design; almost no entry level challenge, but plenty of brain-twisting puzzles come out of the concept.
  • Clean, intuitive interface design; easy to fix mistakes and 'read' the screen in seconds.


  • Ups the ante on the challenge early on; keeps things fresh but might scale too quickly for its casual audience.


Although the path-drawing / screen-painting puzzler is far from new on the App Store, Puzzler Restorer by Gavina Games makes for a beautiful and brutally brain-bending twist on the concept; expect hours to melt away.

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I've never been shy about telling people about one of my favorite iOS series', PathPix. It's something I enjoy on a purely personal level as it not only feels rewarding thanks to the images you create, but there's a zen-like flow to the puzzling. Puzzle Restorer by Gavina Games falls in the same category of pixel-filling, area-painting puzzlers, but with a fresh twist... you already know what you need to make.

Players are handed a grid that they can swipe and create paths on - by starting on a colored tile you can 'paint' the tiles you swipe over by ending the path on another color and confirming. Sometimes you're only given one path, other times you're given multiple paths - all will be restricted in their length as well, forcing you to find the optimal pathing to replicate the image you're handed.

It's just that simple - or well... it's far from 'simple' in terms of challenge as you'll be scratching your brain over how to twist your path 'just so', but with the calming music, and cleverly designed interface you'll never be left wondering what to do.

Occasionally the game throws 'secret' paintings at you to complete and those after a serious challenge will get a kick out of these as each area has a unique rule-set that differs from the main game (for instance, the first area will invert colors you drag over).

Tap, drag, ponder, and enjoy the spoils of your logical thinking - it's an elegant formula that may lack depth, but you'll be stuck for hours in the casual flow of its simplicity.


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