Worm Run Review

By , on February 25, 2013

Worm Run
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3 out of 5


  • Plenty of power-up options to stop the worm.
  • Varied areas give a sense of progression.
  • The way the game announces you've surpassed your personal best.


  • Controls are a nightmare, especially since the few times they work show you what the game could be like.
  • Prices too high for the small amount of collecting gems you do in-game.


What could be a very enjoyable acrobatic endless runner is hampered by an unresponsive and tiring control scheme.

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You are Zeke Tallahassee, space janitor. It's depressing how many space janitors are lost trying to emulate the exploits of the famed Roger Wilco, but Zeke finds himself fleeing for his life from a gigantic space worm. These are the risks that come with the territory however. Worm Run is an endless runner based around a swiping mechanic, leading Zeke through all manner of twisting cavern full on nooks and crevices. Unfortunately, things are not as smooth as you might think.

Swipes are the currency of movement here (with gems being the store currency to upgrade your gear). You continuously swipe to move left and right, you swipe up to engage your jetpack, you swipe off walls in a diagonal direction to wall jump, and you swipe down to fall faster. Aside from the finger callouses some might endure with the consistent merciless swiping, the response of controls combined with the level design does its best to make this a nightmare, that may create some semblance of tension when the worm is right behind you, but this is at the cost of enjoying the game as a whole.

The jetpack boosts are like the movement in that they only engage in short bursts. The wall jumps only work every so often, and because the procedurally generated levels are full of little nooks that you can get stuck in, frustration can soon set in. This is abated somewhat by the power-ups that are quite prevalent as you're fleeing down the winding passageways, but when the core controls are fighting you to this degree, it's hard to stay optimistic. A good example of this is that the most enjoyable power up was the ice, as it allowed speedy travel along the ground, eliminating the need to engage with the controls as frequently.

With a bit of tweaking or an alternate control option, Worm Run could be an enjoyable endless runner title. The worm is amusing to watch and you feel a sense of progression when you reach new areas to fly through. Some may not have the issues with the swiping, and if that is the case, by all mean, give this endless runner a look.


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