Gravity.Duck Review

By , on March 1, 2013
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3 out of 5


  • The gravity swapping mechanic is a lot of fun.
  • Some levels have a real sense of flow to them.


  • Levels that contain enemies are frustrating.


A fun little gravity changing bite-sized platformer where some levels are designed better than others.

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It isn't often that the motivation for your character is just plain greed. The last time we played as a greedy duck was back on the NES in Ducktales. In Gravity Duck, you are after a golden idol in each level, possibly because its innumerable wealth could buy all the pieces of bread this duck could ever desire. Regardless, the way towards you goal is fraught with peril, but as luck (and the game mechanics) would have it, you have the power to flip gravity on your side! Not just flip it, but change it any one of four directions!

Initially you just have the power to flip up and down though. It's a lot like VVVVVV with the ability to walk left and right, and the use of a button to find yourself on the ceiling. While that game was one large connected string of challenges however, this game is tiny room after tiny room. Avoid the spikes, avoid the creatures, and navigate your way to greed and glory. The controls themselves are decent enough. Sometimes when changing gravity in mid-air thanks to a gravity switch, it can be difficult to adjust to which way is left and right on the fly, but after a period of adjustment, it gets easier. Oh yes, those gravity switches I mentioned are what allow you to walk on the right and left walls. They look like yellow orbs with a pixel orbiting them, and hitting one will shift you towards the next direction needed to progress in the level. Levels built around these are by far the most enjoyable the game has to offer.

While those levels mentioned have a tremendous sense of flow to them, the levels with enemies (the caterpillars in particular) can be incredibly frustrating. Sometimes the level design does not impart all the visual information needed to make a smart decision on progressing forward, and it's only through trial and error that the player finds their way to the idol (often dying numerous times in the process).

Presentation wise it contains what we've come to expect from Ravenous Games with a simple pixel based aesthetic complete with engaging music. If some of the levels were designed a bit better Gravity Duck could be a nice extension of this new platformer sub-genre, but as it stands it's adequate. Not great, and certainly not fowl.


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