Major Magnet Review

By , on March 7, 2013

Major Magnet
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5 out of 5


  • Such a simple idea used in interesting ways.
  • Fantastic music.
  • A very humorous cartoon style complete with great animation.


  • The store is superfluous.
  • Levels could stand to be longer.


A very engaging, and enjoyable arcade flinger based on magnets, complete with impeccable presentation.

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Major Magnet is not the most observant of superheroes. In a humorously animated intro sequence, he's so happy just flying around the city, that he doesn't notice the dastardly Colonel Lastin pulling up alongside him to steal his cape, which sends the Major plummeting to the depths below. Luckily another specialty of our intrepid hero is the power of magnetism (in the literal sense, not the charismatic one). What follows is a series of small levels in which you use Major's magnet to fly around nodes, collecting gems, and trying to reach the black hole that symbolizes travel to the next stage.

Major Magnet exudes polish. From the crisp cartoon visuals, to the all too catchy stage music, to the Major's logo while the level loads. This game feels like the total package. Of course that is all for naught if it doesn't play well, but fears of that should be put aside. The level begins by touching a node, engaging the magnet power, sending the Major spinning around it collecting gems. Touching another nearby node will transfer your orbit, and turning the node off by tapping it will result in the Major speeding in that arced direction. You also have a boost at your disposal, that is engaged by swiping the screen and this is good for re-adjusting your travel plans on the fly (as it were). Each level ends by entering the black hole, and a medal is awarded for how many gems were collected (and if you were able to keep the score multiplier going), and whether you acquired the tasty baked good hidden in each stage.

As the levels get more complex, multiple pathways will open up, encouraging more exploration of the mechanics (especially if you want to find the baked goods). The gems can be used to buy things in the store, but nothing sold there is imperative to the game. Items include puzzle pieces which unlock bonuses (which apparently can be found hidden in game), and power-ups such as the ability to freeze the Major in his tracks, allowing some thought regarding your next move.

The only real negative is that on older devices, there are some framerate issues that can screw up your magnet arc shots, but it's not a regular occurrence. The levels are bite-sized due to the platform, but because the mechanics are so enjoyable, it would have been nice to have much larger stages to play around in. Perhaps it's the fact that they're quick that stops the game from wearing out its welcome, but as depressing as the endless runner genre has become, playing with mechanics like these in that field might be a lot of fun.

Back on topic, Major Magnet is a heck of a lot of fun. The high production value coupled with such enjoyable mechanics and clever level design result in an easy to recommend game that should have you playing till completion, and perhaps even to perfect each level.


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