Sushi Mushi Review

By , on March 15, 2013

Sushi Mushi
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4 out of 5


  • Colorful monsters.
  • Match-3 happening on two levels.


  • Because you're playing against others, you have to wait for them.
  • Having to pay coins to access practice mode.


A competitive match-3 game with some fun gameplay, somewhat hampered by focusing on multiplayer and being freemium.

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Some game names are just fun to say, whether you put on a silly accent or not. Sushi Mushi is such a game. Of course a fun name doesn't necessarily translate into a fun to play game, but that's of course why we have this review. So what is Sushi Mushi? It's a match-3 game that works on two levels, where you roll as much sushi as possible to feed your gluttonous yet cute little monster, who rises through the ranks of sushi roller until you get to the prestigious black belt. Oh, and it's technically a turn based multiplayer game a la Words With Friends.

Your matching power works in two ways as the sushi litters your screen. You can match sushi by color, or you can match them by shape. There are bonuses for creating a color match that includes all the shapes, and vice versa. After the tutorial explains how to play the game, and how to try and get the highest score in the time limit, you're placed in the lobby where you must search for friends or random opponents to do battle with. Seeing this is a turn based multiplayer game, yes it works how you might be thinking it works. You play a round of the game (being able to bring along up to two power-ups if you have the coins), and then when the round is done, your score is tallied and you go back to the lobby. Once your opponent has played their round, the winner is determined and this keeps going till someone wins a best of two out of three. Then experience is awarded, and the game continues.

Seeing it's a freemium game, you might be wondering about how intrusive the coin system is. Well the game contains ads (which can be removed by making any purchase of coins in the shop). The entire store is cosmetic, and many options are belt locked, until you reach the appropriate level. Really, the only downside of the whole system is that since you find yourself waiting around for your opponents, you might want to play a practice round and hone your skills. Well, sadly that costs coins, so as it's not really an option, you either need to wait around or start a game with a new opponent.

The monsters are amusing and colorful (and their gobbling of the sushi at the end of a round never really gets old), and as a match-3 game, it's quite addictive. The forcing of multiplayer and restrictions based on coins and experience are cumbersome, but it is a free title, and really they're not that intrusive. If you're looking for something in the match-3 genre, give this one a look.


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