Collapsticks Review

By , on March 20, 2013
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3 out of 5


  • Each area sports a new theme that adds to the puzzles on offer; and in one case directly influences them.
  • Hint system gives away enough to get by, but not enough to solve its harder challenges.
  • Crisp, smooth visuals.


  • Doesn't attempt to teach player new solution concepts (such as moving other sticks to influence the one you need to win) naturally; need to learn via trial and error or via 'hints'.
  • Hints only once per day; no option to go beyond.


Collapsticks is a neat and tidy puzzler that could easily have spiraled in to chaos (like so many other physics manipulating puzzlers), but instead it offers a range of thought provoking challenges.

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You know those puzzles where you have a bunch of matchsticks arranged in a particular pattern, then by simply moving one or more you can create something entirely different? Yeah, Collapsticks isn't anything like that (sorry about the swerve), but it's still a puzzler with fairly cut and dry solutions.

This last part is something to note given that the game uses a fairly realistic physics engine to handle collisions. However, with the board being preset with all the pieces in place, there's only a set amount of chaotic influence the player add to the puzzle.

And so on each stage your only duty is to remove a matchstick and cause the rest to fall down in an attempt to bring the counter down to 0; anything beyond that can reward you with more 'stars', but will require more tinkering and abstract thinking to accomplish.

It's such a simple concept, but one that's implemented carefully and in a variety of stages, each bringing new puzzle elements to the table (in one particular area it actually interferes with the falling matchsticks, making things extremely difficult). Of course you're bound to eventually get stuck, so you can ask for help and matchsticks will be highlighted to let you know how to solve the puzzle with a single star. It keeps the flow of the game in-tact and you can always replay the stage for more stars with a different solution.

Collapsticks is a neat and simple puzzler that offers a tighter physics-based challenge than most, making it a solid pick up if you like your solutions cut and dry.


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