The Other Brothers Review

By , on April 4, 2013
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The Other Brothers
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4 out of 5


  • 'Ugly', gritty visual style adds emphasis to the challenging gameplay.
  • Lots of enemies with unique snippets of dialogue; not just your usual series of mindless thugs.
  • Exploration rewarded with plenty of bonuses.


  • Loose feeling controls without alternatives; no fixed 'd-pad' or ability to adjust layout/size.
  • Aggressive AI makes it hard to recover even with temporary invincibility; there's no reprieve as they chase you (even off platforms) while attacking non-stop.


The Other Brothers is a beautifully presented and highly unique platforming experience for the iOS platform, but without tighter controls the game goes from challenging to frustrating all too easily; thankfully it's also short, so you won't be entirely infuriated by the experience.

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Joe and Jim aren't your typical mechanics - for one they're not averse to the odd spot of vigilantism when the Mafia and FBI start acting a bit 'weird'. Of course you could draw a comparison between this duo and another famous pair, but it's hardly a giant leap of logic when 3D Attack Interactive call their platformer 'The Other Brothers'... however beyond the basic motivation of saving a damsel in distress, the two are nothing alike (as far as platformers go).

While Mario and Luigi had a lot more flow to their running and jumping, you'll find Joe and Jim exploring their environment for all the nooks and crannies stuffed with pigeons, oil, and the occasional golden pigeon. In a way the game has a very Sonic The Hedgehog-esque system of using pigeons as a 'shield' against damage - if you're hit, they'll fly out (and you can recollect them if you're fast enough), but if you're without a bird in your pocket you'll lose a life.

And you'll find yourself dying quite a fair bit. This comes about thanks to a combination of elements including the loose controls; the hyper-aggressive enemies that are placed ever so carefully to ensure you'll take damage; and the need to explore every avenue in order to fulfill the 3-star requirements of a stage (often in the form of needing to go over a specific score; end with a certain amount of pigeons; and collect all 3 golden birds).

However, while brutal in many ways, the game isn't shy about providing plenty of checkpoints. Sadly you're still restricted to three lives per level, but it doesn't take much to become familiar with the layout and improve your score.

Special note should also be made of the presentation. The gritty and ugly world Joe and Jim inhabit acts as the perfect backdrop for the shady theme of the title. There are no happy smiling faces or rainbows to keep your morale up - just thugs and horrifying animals waiting to beat you up as you try to rescue the damsel.

Ultimately The Other Brothers is a beautiful little platformer, though one far more suited to those who are compelled to complete a game in its entirety as the game proves to otherwise be a very short one. It's a bite-sized title, and one that may not jive with everyone, but it's still easy to recommend if you enjoy an offbeat theme or platformers with a bit of a challenge.


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