Injustice: Gods Among Us Review

By , on April 8, 2013

Injustice: Gods Among Us
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3 out of 5


  • Unlocking modifications to skills allows for building synergistic teams (skills and abilities that compliment the play-style of the player or characters in the team).
  • Generous energy replenishment minimizes downtimes, especially with multiple teams.


  • Combat system feels more like rock-paper-scissors; no real depth or complexity in your choices - just spam away with swipes and taps and out-damage your opponent.


Injustice: Gods Among Us attempts to whet the appetite of those waiting for the full console release by offering a 'lite' brawler; in a way it succeeds, but without more depth or complexity it's just a pretty distraction.

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I have to admit, I like the idea of a company taking the time to whet the appetite of their fans by providing a portable version of a title they're yet to release. We saw it back at the release of Mass Effect 3, and now we're seeing it again with Injustice: Gods Among Us from Warner Bros.

Of course any expectations of such a title being brought over in full, or at least as a complete brawler (albeit with a lowered roster ala Street Fighter's iOS releases) have been completely shot down by the free-to-play, Infinity Blade lite action presented by Injustice for iOS.

Swipe to initiate heavy strikes and combos; tap to chain together light attacks for a potential 'stun'; and double tap to block. Combine these aggressively enough and you'll earn enough energy to unleash a special move that can have its damage or effect increased by completing a small, timed mini-game. Once the fight is over you'll collect experience points for all three members of your fighting team, and coins to spend on upgrading their powers or purchasing new heroes (and even modifiers to their skills/base stats).

The prices ramp up quickly and while it's easy enough (at least initially) to outscale your opponents, there's a limit on how often you can fight. This is represented by 'energy' and is depleted in order to compete in a fight. Of course you can offset any downtime by having multiple teams, but this also means grinding lower matches, destroying any sense of actual progression.

As distractions go, Injustice: Gods Among Us is a pretty one and you can even earn bonuses for the full title just by playing it. Thankfully it comes with a free price-point, so you don't have to feel as though you're being gouged for additional content - and heck, if you love your DC characters enough, you may even find yourself enjoying the game despite its lack of depth or complexity.


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