Cut the Rope: Time Travel Review

By , on April 22, 2013
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Cut the Rope: Time Travel GOLD
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4 out of 5


  • As simple and addictive as ever.
  • The animated expressions of Om Nom and his ancestors are a constant highlight.
  • Oodles of content, with more on the way.


  • Nothing really new to shake the franchise up.


Cut the Rope: Time Travel actually seems a bit of a step backward for the franchise after Experiments. It still offers the same great gameplay with loads of levels however so if you're a fan, you can't really go wrong here.

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Cut the Rope is a game that can be mentioned alongside such iOS runaway luminaries as Angry Birds, Temple Run, and Doodle Jump. It's one of those titles that blended simple gameplay mechanics, short levels, a cute character, and a ton of content to create a nexus point of addictive laden success. ZeptoLabs followed up their smash hit with Cut the Rope: Experiments which added a new character in the professor, as well as introducing fun new mechanics like the suction cup. Now in Cut the Rope: Time Travel, we have Om Nom travelling back in time to meet all his ancestors, and it feels like the series might have taken a step backwards, and no that is not a time travel joke.

The crux of the gameplay here is that in each stage Om Nom is sitting alongside his ancestor (from a different time period in each world). It seems that his desires for delicious candy have been a trait through the ages, so you need to feed both him and his predecessor to complete the stage (as well as get the requisite three stars if you are so inclined). The original mechanic of swiping a finger to cut ropes is intact, as well as a myriad of other familiar and new tweaks on the concept such as the bubbles, spinning blades, a time stopper, and even bombs. Each new time period introduces new elements, but these toys also come into play regularly enough during the worlds themselves as well.

As fans should be accustomed to, one of the endearing qualities of the game is Om Nom, and all the personality put into his expressions as he greets his past selves, and eagerly awaits his candy (or the defeated look on his face if it's within his grasp and yet fails to reach him). Everything is bright, colorful, and easily identified. The presentation has always been rock solid with these titles, and the newest iteration is no different.

And with worlds full of content, plus secret stars that need telekinetic powers to uncover (which are earned through stars or by purchase), any fan of the Cut the Rope franchise will more than get their money's worth here. It's just a shame that the gameplay is so similar. Sure it's easy to go with what works, but especially with the words 'time travel' in the title, players were most likely expecting something a little deeper than just feeding two Om Noms.


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