Madmonster Review

By , on May 1, 2013

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3 out of 5


  • Tying objectives to level completion creates stages that can be completed in a minute or so.
  • Power-ups to collect mean there's always something to grab your attention while flying through the air.


  • Not much to the gameplay.
  • High store pricing.


A fun little game to play when you've got a minute or two to spare, and want to play a monster destroying a military force. Aside from that, there's just not much here.

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Monsters have always had a place in the annals of gaming. Where so much of what we play is based on conflict and destruction, it can be a nice escape to enter the skin of a giant monstrosity whose only purpose is that of devastation. Rampage is well remembered for a reason. Madmonster takes the idea of causing mayhem upon a metropolis and military power, but moves it into easily digestible bite sized gaming chunks; snacks if you will. The question is of course, if it can hold the attention and imagination of the masses.

At first what seems like an open-ended high score game of destroying military vehicles to keep your health rate up while bouncing into the stratosphere, quickly reveals itself to be a game centred around the mission structure so many iOS games are known for (as once you complete the three missions, you move onto a new stage). Your control over the monster is limited to travelling left or right. The instant you hit an enemy, the monster is launched into the air, continuously shooting upward as long as you keep aiming towards the planes and satellites that litter the skies. You have more control over this catapulting than you might think, as the left and right controls are quite responsive, but there always seems to be a random amount of vehicles around required to launch you up, having a lot of your travels based on luck, and when your missions hinge on these, the game feels a lot more like Pachinko than anything you actually have direct control over.

To aid this problem are a lot of power-ups and collectables littered throughout the level, the most prominent being the coins which are needed to buy upgrades from the ever present shop that games like this must contain. Making the power-ups such as a coin magnet, or the black hole, that sucks enemies towards you last longer with a larger radius are standard as well as increasing monster health, speed, regen and the ability to buy new monsters with new powers. It's all what you'd expect.

In the end though, while decent enough, the gameplay is over too quick in these small levels to get a full taste of exploring and playing with the mechanics, and that's most likely a good thing, as this would further highlight the randomness of enemy appearance. Madmonster is an adequate time waster, but not one for the long haul.


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