Paper Titans Review

By , on May 6, 2013
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Paper Titans
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4 out of 5


  • Really unique visuals.
  • You create each new character before it hits the play field.
  • Rewards a very deliberate approach to playing.


  • It can be troublesome to select and dictate paths thanks to zooming and camera obstruction.


Paper Titans has a unique presentation style and a lot of personality on top of a rather standard, if not enjoyable three star puzzle experience.

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It's rare, but every now and then a visual style for a game comes along that makes us say, “Huh, I wonder why no one has thought of that before”. Kirby's Epic Yarn is a good example, with its arts and crafts look that gave that game not only a unique visual vibe, but affected the mechanics as well. Paper Titans is one of these games, basing its entire visual style on the world of papercraft, and it pulls it off magnificently. Still, this is a game we're talking about, and if the gameplay is wanting, then all the neat visual panache in the world isn't going to save it. That's what we're here to discuss, so let's get started.

You start the game by creating your first character from a cut-out piece of paper, following the prompts to fold it in the correct places. Each new character follows this process, and in a neat addition, you can link the creation of these guys to your facebook, which will enable a printable version so you can create your own real papercraft buddies to look upon as you play. Each world consists of five stages in one location, changing it subtly in terms of access and placement of the world's objects. You tap a character to place it on the stage, and then it will travel anywhere you ask it to go as long as when you draw a path to that location, you get a green target instead of a red one. Your first character is the collector who will be able to grab the level's three stars as well as the envelope that signals stage completion. Very soon you will get a character who can launch the collector to new heights in order to reach the upper echelons of the stage in question, and if there's not a way down, well the little guy is stuck up there for good.

This is a puzzle game at heart, but not a particular challenging one. Since there's no rush to even get started on a level, you can take your time searching for the stars, and planning the solution before you even let the little guys out to play. None of the solutions are that difficult, and any halting is most likely due to the camera obscuring part of the stage at an inopportune moment or it being so zoomed out, you have trouble directing traffic. Still, the puzzles seem to be not the focus, and only ancillary to the world, the characters, and the charm inherent in it.

And this isn't that much of a problem really. Oh sure if you want a challenge, you're not going to enjoy this game, but sometimes you just want to lose yourself in something unique and engaging. Because of its visual presentation and enjoyable audio, Paper Titans is quite immersive and entertaining, and those that can appreciate that will get their money's worth from what's on offer here.


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