Finger Tied Review

By , on May 31, 2013
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Finger Tied
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4 out of 5


  • Even though it tests physical skill, the levels incorporate puzzle elements.
  • Excellent soundtrack


  • Pooly explained level editor.
  • Some levels can be a little too infuriating.


Finger Tied's brand of 'finger Twister' is fun, but will ultimately stretch your digits more than your brain power.

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Finger Tied is a puzzle game. However, its puzzles are not the traditional brain-teasing challenges you might expect. Instead, the test here is to stretch your fingers, and attempt to move your digits in the manner the game demands.

Each level will display one or more shapes, accompanied by a number of squares upon which you can travel. If there is only one shape, you must press your finger down upon it and drag towards the shape's counterpart, highlighting all the available tiles along the way.

It's when two or more shapes are onscreen that things start getting tricky. You must press down on each shape before you can start moving, and crossing paths or moving the out of bounds area will result in failure. This requires either precise finger control, or the use of two hands in a clever fashion. And even then, your fingers don't move independent of each other, making it very easy to slip out of bounds without realising it

Though it's available for the iPad, it has recently appeared on the iPhone in the form of Finger Tied Jr. You might think that being on the smaller iPhone screen might make things easier, but this version is as challenging as its big brother.

The way the tiles responds visually to your touch, alongside the driving soundtrack and satisfying bite-sized levels, make this game of finger Twister a pretty additive proposition. The level editor, and ability download other people's fiendish creations is also a nice bonus. It'll certainly give your extremities a workout - unless you have a friend nearby, and fancy roping-in a helping hand.


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