Bridgy Jones™ Review

By , on June 11, 2013
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Bridgy Jones™
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4 out of 5


  • Intuitive controls make bridge building and adjusting a breeze. 
  • Bonkers (and slightly disturbing) story.
  • Jaunty tunes.


  • Not for those who lack a basic understanding of physics.


Bridgy Jones's intuitive control scheme and interface make it a great addition to the bridge building genre.

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The following is a public service announcement: Those with no grasp of physics or basic engineering (like Dave who, wrote this review) will probably not get the most out of a game like Bridgy Jones. Of course, this isn't to say that it's not a good game. It just that here, as with other construction-based physics games like World of Goo, your enjoyment hinges on how effective you are at throwing up load-bearing scaffolds.

In this case, you're throwing up improvised structures to get your train across a gap, so that Bridgy and his dog can catch up with an ostrich. Don't ask why - they have their reasons.

What makes this bridge builder great, however are the controls and user interface. Selecting either a rail or a wooden plank is as easy as tap and drag. There are anchor points onto which to attach your creations (as unattached debris will fall victim to gravity once each round begins). Removing mistakes or starting from scratch is only a tap or swipe away (provided you're holding the appropriate buttons). Each piece also can be stretched to a specific length, with length limits forcing you to use the other resources at your disposal to reinforce their architecture. This reinforcement is key, as not only will your train plummet if the bridge cannot support its weight, but too much strain on any one plank will cause it to crumble and snap before you can get anywhere near it.

Of course, getting across safely is merely the first step. Those chasing three stars will want to make sure the cargo survives the ride, and that they complete the whole effort in as fast a time as possible. Special levels will open up when you hit certain star milestones. These really test your ingenuity, offering even more limited resources and alternate completion goals.

Delivering the high level of presentation we've come to expect from Chillingo, along with some great musical accompaninment, Bridgy Jones is a high watermark in the bridge building genre. You'll probably want to complete it just to see whether Bridgy or his dog end up with the Ostrich. No, seriously. We wish we were kidding.


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