Color Zen Review

By , on June 14, 2013
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Color Zen
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4 out of 5


  • Layered gameplay (like a colourful onion).
  • Amazing visual transitions in and between levels.
  • Relaxing music.


  • New levels can seem initially daunting.


A puzzle game so simple and wonderfully executed, you'll wonder why no one has done it before.

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Sometimes it's amazing how far you can push a premise. Take Color Zen, for example. You are presented with a series of coloured shapes. By moving shapes of the same colour together, you can dye the background the same hue,. This also eliminates the shapes from the field of play. The goal is to eventually reach the colour on the edges of the stage, leaving nothing but a single shade. A simple premise. Some would say, “too simple”, but through some very competent design, fluid transitions and meditative music, the end result is certainly more than the sum of its parts.

This is a game where the video reviews are important to convey exactly what we mean, as the last paragraph probably sounded hokey at best (or you can buy the game and see for yourself).

The word 'zen' is is as key in this release as it is in fellow contemplative puzzler Zen Bound. This isn't one of those puzzle games where your brain is taxed by the problem set in front of you. Instead, the tasks seem engineered to put your brainbox on autopilot as you enjoy the movement of the pieces in front of you. This allows for a calm and relaxing game experience.

Each new level initially can seem insurmountable, with the nestled colours and arrangement of shapes appearing somewhat daunting. But, with simple shaking prompts alerting you to movable shapes, your fingers will instantly get to work, separating the colours and solving the problem.

The abstract shape arrangements play off the calming mechanics, music, and transitions to create a pleasing dichotomy of simplicity and complexity. (or at least the illusion of complexity). Obviously, those looking for a challenge or frenetic action should look elsewhere. But, if you're after something a little different, or a game that can entertain and soothe simultaneously, you might want to put a little Color Zen in your life.


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