Riptide GP2 iPad Review

By , on July 26, 2013
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Riptide GP2
  • Publisher: Vector Unit
  • Genre: Racing
  • Released: 25 Jul, 2013
  • Size: 87.0 MB
  • Price: FREE!
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4 out of 5


  • Water-racing is thrilling.
  • Healthy number of tracks and challenges.
  • Well-stocked stunt library.


  • It's a bit grindy, especially in the early stages.


Though it locks you out of the top podium positions near the beginning, Riptide GP2 is a handsome and thrilling water-based racer.

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Riptide GP2 makes you work for your win. And when we say work, we don't just mean learning track layouts and honing your jetski riding skills. You see, this water-based racer throws you in at the deep end, presenting you with challenges that are initially beyond the capabilities of your jetski. If you want to get first place, you're going to need to upgrade your vehicle. And, if you want to get the cash to upgrade your vehicle, you're going to have to get your grind on.

It's lucky, then, that Riptide GP2 is actually a lot of fun. Once you get to grips with the pleasingly precise tilt controls, you discover on the real core of the game: the boost system. Charging your boost meter is essential if you want to remain at the front of the pack.

To power-up your boost gauge, you must perform stunts. The game rewards you both for the complexity of the stunt performed, and the variety of your trick selection. As you earn experience and level up, you unlock new, more daring stunts. Besides looking neat, the new tricks allow you to earn the points required to best some of the game's demanding freestyle challenges.

The races are brief, but often frantic affairs. Overtaking competitors, executing stunts, tactically deploying boosts, and fighting against the often choppy waters is both exhilarating and demanding. You do get the feeling, however, that the devs have made things a tiny bit harder than is strictly necessary, especially near the beginning of the game.

To stand a chance of competing in second or third tier events - or the multiplayer mode, for that matter - you're going to have to replay the earlier stages to generate enough cash for the requisite upgrades.

Of course, you can pay real money to top-up your in-game currency. While we expect some grind in free-to-play games, it's a bit of a shame to encounter it in a game you've already paid for.

However, Riptide GP2 has more than enough going for it to warrant a recommendation. It's gorgeous to look at, and its dynamic racing conditions offer some genuine thrills. Just be prepared to wade though some slightly grindy waters to get to the good stuff.


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