Tiny Thief Review

By , on August 1, 2013
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Tiny Thief
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5 out of 5


  • Looks and sounds fantastic.
  • Brimming over with personality.
  • Challenges are varied and contiually evolve.


  • A bit too easy and a bit too short


Though it won't test hardended point-and-click fans, Tiny Thief is a witty puzzle adventure packed with personality and character. 

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In the often humourless, frequently bullet-riddled world of gaming, a little charm goes a long way. Tiny Thief, the genre-straddling adventure puzzle mash-up from 5 Ants Games has enough charm to rescue an entire battalion of macho, grey cover shooters from their gravel-voiced funk, and still have a bit left over to make a funnel web spider look cute.

As the title suggests, you take control of a pint-sized pickpocket whom you must guide to an exit without being spotted. To do this, you'll need to acquire certain key items, unlock doors, and trigger mechanisms, all while keeping a low profile.

Though it might look like a platform-puzzler at first glance, the game's context-based pop-ups and item management systems owe a debt to the point-and-click genre. Some missions involve distracting guards so you can skulk past without being noticed. One mission sees you repeatedly luring a frustrated baker from his store so that you can swipe a series of increasingly impressive cakes. Each scenario has its own unique twist or new mechanic, and all are presented in a good natured, witty fashion.

It's not the most challenging of games - we only got stumped once or twice during the game's 30 stages, and even then it wasn't for very long. This would be a problem if the game wasn't so delightful in ever other regard. The touch-to-move controls are accessible and reliable. The cut-out art buildings and character designs are adorable, and some of the animations are genuinely funny.

For the completists among you, there are collection-oriented side quests to bring you back to completed levels. To get all three stars, you'll also need to locate your cute little stoat buddy, who pops up somewhere during each stage.

There's even a simple but effective little narrative which ties the levels together, and sees you traversing castles and pirate ships, and crossing paths with sheriffs, princesses, and dragons.

It ain't all that tough, and it's over pretty quickly, but that didn't stop us enjoying every moment we spent with Tiny Thief. It's perfect for youngers audiences, but its neat puzzles and irresistible visuals should captivate grown-up gamers just as easily. Nab it, and it may just steal your heart.


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