Help Me Fly Review

By , on September 24, 2013
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Help Me Fly
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4 out of 5


  • Simple premise, devious puzzles.
  • Excellent presentation all-round.


Strict barriers slow progression.


Help Me Fly takes a simple concept and nails the execution, delivering a lovely little puzzler that's a joy to play.

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Every now and then you play one of these iOS puzzle games where everything just fits into place. Funnily enough, Help Me Fly is a game about connecting puzzle pieces so that everything fits into place. The aim to use building blocks to help the grounded pilot of a toy plane to connect his aircraft to a battery so he can jump start his plane.

Each level features a different selection of blocks arranged upon a grid. Using these pieces, you create a power link between pilot and battery, allowing enough juice to get the propeller turning and the plane in the air. While it can be easy enough to power up the plane, the trick is to ensure you lay the blocks in such a way that you collect all of the stars along the way.

Like its 99 cent puzzler peers, Help Me Fly has the polished visuals and thematic cohesion of the genre kings like Cut the Rope and Angry Birds. The game does throw up barriers some fairly strict barriers, mind, blocking access to the next world until you've collected the correct number of stars. Often, stars are incentives for completionist, but here you do have to replay levels until you get the correvct number to unlock the next batch of levels.

Given the need to retrace your steps, things could easily start to get frustrating or dull. It's lucky, then, that the act of popping pieces in place is so inherently enjoyable. It's a testament to the virtue of smart-but-concept realised effectively. If grid puzzlers are your thing, then this electrically-charged offering is well worth a fly-by.


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