Drop That Candy Review

By , on October 2, 2013
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Drop That Candy
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3 out of 5


  • The gravity blocks are a nice touch.
  • Some decent colour-matching gameplay.



  • Too easy to complete.
  • Nothing we haven't seen done better elsewhere.


Drop That Candy is a passable colour-matching puzzler, but nothing more. A little light on content, too.

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Drop That Candy introduces us to an adorable little creature named Gizmo, and encourages us to give him diabetes by indulging his never-ending appetite for sweets.

Each stage presents a colourful concoction of candy that can be transferred to Gizmo's bowl via taps. If two or more pieces of the same colour are touching, they will disappear when tapped. Three stars will be awarded if you can rid the store of candy in the least number of taps, through clever manipulation of gravity and the arrangement of the pieces.

This framework is built upon in later stages with the introducion of candy which will fly in a set direction, and toffee that will hold candy in place.

From around world two onwards, approaching a level can be a little daunting. The screen looks like one big multi-coloured sugary glob, and it can take a couple restarts to suss-out the best way to sort the sweets into order.

None of the puzzles are too taxing however, and the barriers unlocking worlds are so loose that you wonder why they exist at all. On the topic of content, it was frightening how quickly we reached the last world during our play, and hope that the developers update soon with more levels, as fans of the game are going to be left wanting very quickly.

Drop That Candy plays the cutesy angle well, and the gravity manipulation can be clever, but as far as physics puzzler go, it's nothing we haven't seen before. Like Om Nom before him, perhaps Gizmo will charm you enough to form an attachment. Ultimately though, like the candy that fills up every screen, this game is sweet, but ultimately lacking substance.


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