Project '88 Review

By , on October 10, 2013
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Project '88
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3 out of 5


  • Lengthy runs can be satisfying.
  • Hypnotic visuals will appeal to nostalgia fans.


  • Twitchy controls make it difficult to navigate smoothly.
  • Far too easy to clip the edges and end your run.


This tunnel-based endless-runner has plenty of twists and turns, but the twitchy controls and uninspired tracks leave a lot to be desired.

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Project '88 is apparently inspired by the intros and demos of old Amiga games. It does have a certain 'screen saver' quality to it that is hypnotic, if a little nauseating if you just focus on the pulsating background.

This is a game of high scores and long journeys. Your goal is to stay on the track long enough to fill up your experience bar, and constantly try to travel further. Once you hit level ten you earn an achievement (and achieving this for all three modes will unlock the elusive fourth mode). Control is a simple affair of tapping and holding the arrow in which direction you wish to travel, while tapping both will reverse your gravity and let you race on the ceiling (if there is track there to catch you.)

The hit detection, that thin line between continuation and failure, is quite brutal and uncompromising. Clipping the corner off the track will end your run, with the edges of the runways acting as it does like an invisible wall. If the tracks were wider or moving left and right was smoother, this would be less of an issue, but staying on course requires constant adjustment.

The procedurally generated tracks provide plenty of challenge, but you'll often finding yourself cursing the controls more than the level design. If you've got the time and patience to master the quirky steering, then Project '88 might offer some thrills, but we suspect most players will disengage after the first couple clipping deaths.


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