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By , on October 14, 2013
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4 out of 5


  • Logic puzzles are testing and satisfying.
  • Papercraft visual style is beautifully realised.
  • Animations and transitions are pure class.


  • Puzzles don't throw up anything particularly new or innovative.


KAMI is a solid colour-based puzzler which is elevated by its excellent visuals and impressive production values.

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Colour-based grid puzzlers are ten-a-penny on the App Store. Throw a stone and you'll hit a Bejeweled or a Polymer or a Crush!, all of which ask you to manipulate and match colours and for points and prestige. The latest game to emerge from this iOS tradition is KAMI, a paper-themed puzzler which has been infused with a powerful Eastern flavour.

You are presented with a patterned grid at the beginning of each level. Using the painting palette on the right-hand side of the screen, your goal is to turn every tile the same colour in as few taps as possible. Tap anywhere within a group of like-coloured tiles, and your chosen colour will unfold from your finger to the edge of the cluster. If you fail to unify the screen within the set number of taps, you will fail the level.

The most striking aspect of KAMI is its papercraft visuals. Like the creators of Lume before them, the folks behind KAMI have chosen to scan in real paper assets to achieve an authentically organic look. Though the grids themselves are simple arrangements of block colours, this scanning technique adds texture to each puzzle.

The origami-influenced animations triggered when daubing colour onto the screen are equalling enchanting. These work in harmony with the paper flicks and eastern chimes which drift through the speakers, creating a decidedly mellow atmosphere in which to immerse yourself.

Luckily, KAMI isn't just a pretty face. The puzzles themselves are taxing - if unremarkable - exercises in logic and foresight. You have to plan several steps ahead if you want to pass the later stages, so you'll want to make friends with the refresh button. As beautiful as the game looks, the level design doesn't throw up anything particularly new or innovative. That doesn't stop KAMI being an enjoyable little puzzler, however, one which is elevated by its top-notch production values and visual splendour.


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