Ring Run Circus Review

By , on October 22, 2013
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Ring Run Circus
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3 out of 5


  • Inventive levels.
  • A constant stream of new abilities.
  • Smooth runs are very satisfying.


  • Travelling between rings is more hassle than it should be.
  • Music becomes irritating.


Though fun in short bursts, Ring Run Circus's acrobat aspirations don't quite come to fruition thanks to its awkward ring-hopping mechanic.

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Ahh, to be a performer at the circus. Dazzling the crowds with death defying acrobatics; dealing with dangerous animals; getting into a very small car with a lot of men. These days circuses don't have the pull they once had, though. However, puzzler-racer Ring Run Circus is making an effort to recreate their magic in the form of short levels with three-star rewards.

Cast as a circus performer, your goal is to find the key to unlock a door and escape a set of rings. Tapping the left side of the screen will cause you to flip to from the interior of a circle to its exterior, while tapping the right side of the screen will engage a special power. These powers vary from performer to performer - you might be able to jump over obstacles, or slap tigers and muscle men in the face.

Flipping to the outside at the point where two rings intersect will transfer you to the other ring. If you do this at precisely the right moment you'll gain a speed boost. These boosts become essential when collecting stars, or avoiding other jealous performers riding along the rings.

The problem is, it can be awkward to move between the rings by holding down on the screen. What's more, the alternative tap method is only effective during a very small window, to the point where a successful transfer can sometimes feel like luck.

This is a shame, because many of the stages are designed to be zipped though in one continuous ride, allowing you to grab all the stars and the key in one fell swoop. Ultimately, mastering the transfer mechanic is the aim of the game, but it does feel like the game is working against you at times.

This underlying gripe makes it hard to wholeheartedly recommend Ring Run Circus. It's a fun idea, and the unlockable performers bring some neat little gameplay twists to the table. If the transfer between rings was more fluid and easier to pull off, this game would be a winner. But for now it just reminds us that we shouldn't be riding unicycles around flaming rings while being chased by tigers.


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