Cabela’s Big Game Hunter Review

By , on December 23, 2013
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Cabela’s Big Game Hunter
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3 out of 5


  • Aiming and shooting is well calibrated for touchscreen play.
  • Offers wide variety of animals to shoot.


  • Goals are often linked to specific - and costly - store items.
  • The defence minigame isn't enjoyable.


Though the shooting itself is fine, Cabela's Big Game Hunter freemium mechanics are more interested in targeting your wallet that wild game. 

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If you've ever tried one of those pro buck hunter games in the arcade, you know how surprisingly enjoyable hunting games can be. They lure us gamers in with the promise of points and the thrill of the chase. And, let's be honest, it can be quite novel to be shooting something other than humans for a change.

Cabela's Big Game Hunter is a hunting sim from Cabela and Activision which provides a wide variety of locales, a host of wild game to shoot, and a decent arsenal of weaponry with which to get the job done.

Each stage plops you down in an area laden with potential trophies, and gives you a time limit to eliminate your target and earn that first star. The second and third stars will be unlocked after each challenge is accomplished.

The animals and challenge you face are surprisingly varied. You use on-screen arrows to move your hunter back and forth. You aim your weapon with one thumb, and use the other to pull the trigger. A lung, heart, or lucky body shot will take down an animal immediately. Sometimes your jittering cross-hair will cause you to miss vital organs and merely wound the creature, meaning you'll have to reload to finish the job.

All of these mechanics work perfectly well. It doesn't take long, however, for the restrictive freemium design to raise its restrictive head. Every stage requires a different level of energy to play through. Often, whole stages and star challenges are tied to certain weapons which must be purchased for a high price. Weapons are purchased and upgraded with two different types of currency, neither of which are easy to earn through play. Too often you'll find yourself feeling the need to visit the store and buy currency to unlock content, leaving you with impression that the game is more interested in emptying your wallet than delivering an entertaining hunting experience.

Though the shooting itself provides some basic gun-based fun, the game is far too stingy with its currency rewards to keep you playing for long. If you're not going to travel into the woods to fulfil your hunting desires, you might want to seek out other virtual alternatives before downloading Cabela's Big Game Hunter.


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