Bug Heroes 2 Review

By , on February 24, 2014

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5 out of 5


  • Tight third-person action
  • Great range and variety of characters
  • Fantastic touch controls


  • Objectives are a bit generic


The creepy-crawly carnage of Bug Heroes 2 provides some of the best third-person combat we have seen on mobile in a while.

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While marshalling an army of insects may not be the Pentagon's idea of a winning combat strategy, it proves surprisingly effective - and entertaining - in the third-person multiplayer battler Bug Heroes 2.

The premise of the game is straightforward: lead a two-man squad of tiny gun-toting insects into battle against approaching hordes of equally insectoid enemies.

Before starting your first game, you randomly select a squad of two from the roster of 25 bugs, each of which have unique abilities and upgrades. Once selected, these two are your team until you eventually unlock more bugs through play, or purchase them through IAPs.

Single player, co-op, and versus modes are all on offer to test your mettle. Missions usually involve weathering waves of enemies while completing objectives, or erecting towers and defending your base against the approaching horde.

Battles play out in real world environments that appear appropriately massive from your pint-sized perspective. Each of your suitably weighty bugs stomp around these arenas using cups, pencils, and a host of other items for cover as they make their way to the objective.

During missions, upgrades for weapons and base defences can be purchased with coins earned through combat. Though these upgrades do reset between levels, you'll need to keep buying them, as they're often the only way to beat longer stages.

However, while the levels and characters are well-drawn, Bug Heroes 2 truly shines in the control department. The touch inputs feel natural, and the an auto-fire mode is convenient and well-implemented.

Developer Foursaken Media has managed to keep things equally streamlined when controlling the second member of your team. Your bonus squadie can be set to follow your lead, or hold position with a tap of the screen, while double-tapping on the environment will see them head off to that location to give covering fire.

It isn’t that any of these elements are especially new. Rather, Bug Heroes 2 integrates each element so harmoniously that they form a genre mashup which is both thrilling and intuitive.

As a result, whether you are strapping an AK to an ant or a grenade launcher to a gnat, the miniature mayhem of Bug Heroes 2 comes highly recommended.


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TheAspieFox 7 years, 8 months ago

A 5-Star review, just as I thought it'd be. :3

I will admit, though, after the third day of playing now that some of the challenges/missions given by the game are ridiculously difficult and I've done my fair share of mild yelling and punching my pillow at the ridiculousness. However, this is countered nicely by the game automatically decreasing the difficulty every 3 tries. So, I thought that was a really nice and awesome feature (one I haven't even seen done in a game before).

What is also really about the game is that pacing to get characters seems okay if you can master the Hard difficulty. On average, I'm earning 20-32 gems per Endless game. So, after about six or seven matches I have enough gems to unlock the next bug (aside from the Legendaries).

Also, the star system is nice, giving you the ocassional free bug hero with a set milestone of rewarded stars (ie. Unlocking a free, random bug at 5 stars, 25 stars, 75 stars, 175 stars, etc...). These stars also act as a point system for the RPG-like system available, with every "tree" of skills giving little bonuses here and there-- and these points can be redistributed free of charge whenever you want; I found it EXTREMELY useful for distributing my stars in different areas for different scenarios I'd be facing in missions.

Multiplayer is really bad right now, but I'm not holding it to any standard at the moment since the game is still relatively new. :3 I have some faith in Foursaken that the multiplayer lag/disconnection issues will be fixed within the next few updates.

I'm also hoping to see more maps in the future, as well (I really want this) as a mode that allows us to play as the enemy bugs (similar to the mode seen in Heroes&Castles) where we send hordes of our bugs to try and squash the Heroes' food stash.