The Voyage Review

By , on March 6, 2014

The Voyage
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4 out of 5


  • Something for everyone
  • Intuitive puzzles
  • Nice presentation and humour throughout


  • The mix of puzzles means that some will not suit
  • A few timing based puzzles have very short window to solve


The Voyage is pleasingly varied and streamlined puzzle game, with just enough story and personality to keep you involved.

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The Voyage wastes no time in immersing you in its pirate-themed, puzzle-based world. Your adversary Captain Bucklebeard quickly establishes the game's loose story: a race to find the treasure of Velvet Marley. From here, the puzzles come thick and fast as you make your way through each of The Voyage's 100 increasingly difficult conundrums.

Before each new challenge begins you are treated to a quick instruction screen. These are important, as your goal changes dramatically from one puzzle to the next. Wading through instructions can slow the action down at first. But on later levels the hints provided are vital to fathoming the task at hand. Luckily, if you do choose to skip these and find yourself stuck, the tutorial can be quickly revisited at the tap of a button.

All of The Voyage's puzzles share a tactile nature that makes them instantly accessible. We found ourselves naturally experimenting within the confines of each ruleset, something made all the more tempting by the quick restart button.

The problem - if you consider it as such - is the variety of the puzzles. From timing challenges, to logic problems, and pattern recognition, the range will mean that, while you might love some, others may have you rolling your eyes when they appear. Though you can get help through IAPs this feels like cheating, when all you really want is another puzzle from your favourite genre.

The Voyage's streamlined and charming presentation makes it instantly accessible to everyone. Though the mix of puzzles mean that you will run into challenges that frustrate – especially in the later stages – the quality of the design make this more than worthy of a few doubloons.


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