Devious Dungeon Review

By , on March 7, 2014
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Devious Dungeon
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5 out of 5


  • Tight controls
  • Constantly changing level design
  • RPG levelling loop keeps you hooked


  • It will devour your time


Blending tight controls with the ever-shifting level design of a roguelike, Devious Dungeon is the perfect procedural platformer.

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They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If this is true then last year's PC roguelike, Rogue Legacy, must be feeling pretty good about now, because Ravenous Games's new title, Devious Dungeon, borrows heavily from it.

Both titles see you venturing through an ever-changing dungeon to defeat a reawakened evil. Success requires precision platforming skills, and a healthy dose of procedurally-generated luck. It is this combination of chance and challenge that makes the game so enticing. While you can improve your skills, you can never predict what dangers lay ahead.

The similarities don't end there. Both games feature an RPG levelling system which enables your character to increase in power with each playthrough. New items and buffs are visible on your 8-bit styled character, and as he becomes increasingly burly so too does your sense of empowerment.

But do not let all this talk of similarities mislead you, though. While Devious Dungeon has plenty in common with Rogue Legacy, there are notable differences.

The most obvious of these is the switch to touchscreen, with controls stripped back to a responsive minimum. The movement commands are managed by your left thumb, while attack and jump buttons rest under the other. It isn't groundbreaking, the responsiveness and versatility of the controls is impressive. These are vital traits in such a precision-focused game. When you're low on health and only a few XP away from levelling up, there is nothing more frustrating than dying due to wonky inputs.

The difference is the game's structure. Rather than a single sprawling castle, Devious Dungeon breaks everything up into shorter, more digestible levels. Each lasts about two or three minutes - the perfect length to keep you coming back to try and boost your character just one more level.

Devious Dungeon is the perfect bite sized platformer. Its levelling system will draw you in, while its ever-changing levels will mean that you will never get bored.


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