Smash Hit Review

By , on March 11, 2014
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Smash Hit
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4 out of 5


  • A novel first-person take on the 'endless' genre
  • Inventive, abstract worlds
  • Appealing ball and glass physics 


  • Checkpoints undermine the endless score board ethos
  • Single note gameplay means millage will vary, especially when repeating early stages


Smash Hit provides a fun endless experience that will keep you coming back to see more of its surreal world.

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If we had to invent a genre label for Smash Hit, we'd have to go with endless-shatterer. It's a fitting title for a game which involves flying unendingly forward through a world of glass, using marbles to shatter any obstacles in your path.

This is harder than it sounds, however. Colliding with any object in the world sees you dropping ten of your marbles. Once they are all gone, it's game over.

Thus selective and judicious hurling is what is required to successfully navigate from one checkpoint to the next. Tap anywhere on screen and one your marbles will shoot out towards the selected spot. However, you'll have to factor gravity into your taps, as the trajectory of your missiles will dip toward the ground over time.

This adds an interesting risk / reward mechanic, as you choose between throwing lots of balls to clear the path early, or waiting until the last minute to fire a single, accurate shot.

It might seem like waiting is the best option, but this is not always the case. Obstacles are constantly moving in and out of your path, springing out of nowhere and upsetting your carefully aimed shots.

You can earn extra marbles by targeting and smashing hard-to-hit crystals, thereby improving your chances of extending your run. But, much like the waiting to clear glass from your path, attempting to hit crystals can risk you losing as many marbles as you will gain.

Each checkpoint marks the introduction of a new environment, accompanied by a host of different glass blockades to shatter. The design of these areas becomes more unusual and abstract as you progress.Uncovering these weird new vistas gives you another reason to keep pushing forward beyond chasing your highscore.

Smash Hit is a great endless game that joyously embraces its simplicity, testing your skill while also showing you something you may not have seen before.


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