Loco Motors Review

By , on April 4, 2014
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Loco Motors
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4 out of 5


  • Tight car physics puzzles
  • Playful and entertaining look
  • Lots of challenges to keep you coming back


  • Could do with a little more variety in the tasks


Loco Motor's playful and stylish car-creation gameplay will keep you smiling throughout.

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Loco Motors is a car-construction puzzle game that fully embraces the wackiness of its own premise. The aim is to build cars to complete races and challenges, with the game putting very few limits one what you can construct. This proves as much as a curse as it is a blessin,g as, while you struggle with the game’s various physics based puzzles, you constantly feel like you might be missing a more elegant solution.

Each map has six challenges, and successfully solving each of them is as much a result of trial and error as it is skill. This makes the quick restart function invaluable, as you are able to get straight back into the action and give it another go with a little more - or less - throttle.

The first three tasks of each level involve collecting three gears strewn throughout the map. From there, it's onto the stunt missions. From backflips, to only driving on one wheel, these challenges will force you back to the drawing board again and again, in the hope of crafting the right car for the job. As a result, there's tremendous sense of achievement when you succeed, as you really feel like your own ingenuity solved the problem.

Luckily, the construction process is incredibly intuitive. Drawing the desired frame on the edit menu will bring it to life, while dragging the required wheel and engine elements on to the frame snap them into place. Whether you need a car to perform somersaults or swing from a monorail, putting your plan into action is never a difficult task.

Once your car is built, you can choose to customise your ride. A wonderful selection of themes are on offer for every element of your car, including alien, goth, and pimp designs. These can be mixed in any combination to create a delicious daft automotive hodgepodge.

While Loco Motors tasks may lack variety, the range of solutions on offer ensure that you are constantly thinking of new ways to tackle them. This makes a dynamic and challenging game, one which is perfect for gamers with a flair for the creative.


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