Star Wars: Assault Team Review

By , on April 8, 2014
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Star Wars: Assault Team
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3 out of 5


  • Free-to-play elements are not too invasive
  • Constructing and training your squad is satisfying




  • Ugly environments
  • Throwaway use of the licence and characters
  • Mundane, empty combat


Star Wars: Team Assault's is a generic, bland card battler which makes halfhearted use of its iconic characters and settings.

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We don't mind admitting that we were excited as we started playing the free-to-play Star Wars: Team Assault. It wasn't the Star Wars fanfare that set our nostalgia glands tingling. That lost its potency long ago. Nope, it was the scenario that got our sabres flaring.

Starting just after the original film, you take control of Han Solo as he attempts to infiltrate the Empire. With Han, Chewie, and R2-D2 in your squad, you'd be forgive for thinking the story might evolve into something special. Unfortunately, we were quickly disappointed.

You start Assault Team by battling your way free of a Star Destroyer's detention block. Thanks to some pleasingly stark lines, this environment looks decent as you're pushed around its corridors. However, when you advance to exterior locations like the Kashyyk, the visuals become muddy and rough.

Worse still, the turn-based combat lacks any kind of engagement. You take control of a squad of hero cards, and are dragged on rails around the 3D world to the next battle. Turns play out mercifully quickly, as you select which generic opponent to target, and whether to use your hero's special ability. There is no personality to the action - instead, you are treated to fight after fight, with only a moments respite between each to ponder if you are enjoying yourself.

We did find some deeper elements in the special abilities. As you collect cards you gain access to more characters, each with unique powers. Planning who you have in your squad of four become more of a priority as a result, as the right group can turn the tide of an assault. This brings some strategy to the otherwise one-note gameplay.

Star Wars: Assault Team, does nothing to stand out from other turn-based card games. Even controlling Captain Solo couldn't enthuse us as we traipsed around its bland levels, searching for a card that would offer us some new tactical options, or, better still, a little excitement.


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