Hyper Square Review

By , on May 28, 2014
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Hyper Square
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4 out of 5


  • Simple responsive controls
  • Frantic puzzle action
  • Stylish visual and audio design


  • Pinch controls can be fiddly on small screens
  • The twitch gameplay becomes tiring over long periods


If your fingers are up to the challenge, we reckon you'll find Hyper Square a stimulating and compulsive little puzzler.

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Remember those shape sorter toys you had as a kid? The ones where you had to squeeze shaped blocks through similarly-shaped holes? Hyper Square is essentially an amped-up, caffiene addled version of the same toy. Instead of manipulating wooden shapes, however, you're swiping, re-sizing, and spinnimh digital squares into virtual targets.

These mechanics are introduced one at a time. First, the game asks you to simply drag or fling squares towards their goal with the swipe of a finger. Some holes vanish once filled, while others accept multiple blocks. It is up to you to work out where each square needs to go before time runs out.

Initially this is fairly simple, but before long the you have to demonstrate both mental and physical dexterity to make your squares disappear. You have to pinch some squares to increase or decrease their size until to fit the target. Others squares appear at the wrong angle and must be spun to fit. The game even throws in squares that instantly end your turn if accidentally dropped into a hole.

Before long you are frantically dragging, spinning, and smushing squares into their relevant slots. Turns are timed by a line that descends ever more rapidly down the screen. For every square you sink, the line jumps back up the screen, giving you a little more time.

Trying to monitor your time limit while using every finger at your disposal to organise the ever growing cluster of squares leads to some truly heart-pounding moments. The pulsing music adds to this tension, while the clear, minimal visuals ensure that you always have a clear view of the situation, leaving it up to you to untangle your fingers and mind.

Hyper Square asks you to take the skills you have aquired from using a touchscreen device, and apply them at speed in exciting and intense bouts of twitch gameplay. Its breakneck pace means that it may get a little overwhelming at times, and you may find yourself have to put down the game after a short spell to avoid going cross-eyes. However, if your fingers are up to the challenge, we reckon you'll find Hyper Square a stimulating and compulsive little puzzler.


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