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4 out of 5


  • Layers on a range of entertaining mechanics at a good rate
  • Visuals do a good job representing the biological world
  • Mechanics work well together to create entertaining physics puzzle



  • Some of the twitch elements can frustrate
  • Getting stuck in level geometry demands regular restart



Biosis is an entertaining puzzler which ayers in a decent range of mechanics to keep the challenge fresh.

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Apparently, Biosis is a suffix that means “mode of life." Fittingly, it's a great way to describe the main theme of this squishy, creature-manipulating 2D physics puzzler.

You must guide a tiny organism through a hostile world towards a goal. Your little blob is a bit useless, however, so you must rely on other creatures in the world to push and pull it towards its destination.

Every one of the lifeforms you use to guide your organism to the exit has two states. Tapping on a creature activates them, while a swiping across them activates a secondary - usually more hostile - behaviour.

The first of these organisms you encounter is magnetic. Tap on these small blue beings and they'll generate a field which sucks our hero towards them. Irritate the beastie with a flick, however, and it'll emit a red repulsion field.

Numerous types of creatures are introduced over the course of the game, all of which are slowly layered in to create ever more complex physics puzzles. While the magnetic beasties highlight one of the more dramatic shifts in ability, aggravating most of the others results in an accentuated version of their power. These include extending the length of vines your blob can swing from, and increasing the force of cannon-like blooms which rocket you across the map.

Navigating to the end of each stage is an entertaining and challenging experience, one that forces you to memorise and master every creatures' unique traits and employ them in quick sucession.

The lush visuals, though slightly less impressive in motion than when static, do a great job of representing an organic, alien landscape. It's easy to get snagged on some of the spikier bits of scenery, mind, and with no way to move your blob directly, you will have to get used to hitting the restart button. 

Biosis is a tight physics puzzler that is always evolving. A few frustrations regarding level geometry aside, its combination of intelligent puzzles and reaction-testing tapping delivers something familiar, but fresh.


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