Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake Review

By , on July 2, 2014
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Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake
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4 out of 5


  • Great cartoon presentation
  • Tight puzzle design
  • Lots of different powers and solutions


  • Deaths on longer puzzles can frustrate
  • Despite cartoonish appearance it gets monstrously hard


Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake is a charming and beautiful puzzler that will keep you joyously entertained throughout.

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It was great being a kid. We could talk to our dog in the street without people thinking were crazy, and on our birthday we could eat cake for breakfast without feeling guilty. Its this sense of wonder and delight that Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake instantly awakens - except, as the name suggests, there will be no cake because monsters have stolen it.

Taking control of a young boy named Niko, you follow your trusty dachshund Bazooka in search of your missing cake. The innocent story supported by well judged audio and visual design, which frame the journey with an infectious level of joy.

Your quest is divided into puzzle mazes. Tracing a line from your hero guides him around the maps, while double-tapping makes him drag and push items into place, clearing paths and activating buttons.

At first Niko alone is enough to make it past the game’s challenges, but it doesn't take long until you need a little help. Though monsters may be the cause of your problems they aren’t all bad, and it doesn't take long for you to begin recruiting a variety of beasties to help.

There are a good range of these friendly creatures, all with unique powers to help you navigate levels. Their abilities range from smashing through trees to producing a shrill cry that shatter crystals or stuns evil monsters. Guiding Niko and up to three of his allies at a time, you soon find yourself juggling multiple abilities to solve puzzles.

Each puzzle feels intelligent and fresh as you work out how to use the various tools on offer to reach your goal. It is only on a few of the longer puzzles that issues begin to aries. On these more expansive stages there are monsters that are able to kill Niko and his allies, bringing your current attempt to an end and forcing you to replay monotonous sections of the map.

That niggle aside, Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake is a beautiful puzzle game with a cute story and equally cute characters. While it may frustrate at times, it manages to pull off the impressive feat of making you feel like a child and a genius in a single moment.


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