Kritika: Chaos Unleashed Review

By , on July 29, 2014
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Kritika: The White Knights
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4 out of 5


  • Smooth frantic combat across a lot of environments
  • Plenty of loot to collect and create
  • Lots of energy systems mean there is always something to do


  • A dodge buttons would add some depth
  • Almost everything feels automated
  • Poor connections can really limit play


Kritika: Chaos Unleashed's free-to-play model allows you to play almost as much as you want, letting you focus of the entertaining process of chaining 400 hits together.

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It doesn’t matter which of Kritika: Chaos Unleashed's colourful fighters you choose to play as. Whether you're an angry armoured warrior of powerful she-vixen, this action RPG's fluid, fast-paced combat is accessible from the word go

This is largely thanks to virtual-stick and button controls that quickly become second nature. Despite only having limited offensive options when you begin, you'll soon find yourself chaining together 200-hit combos while you pirouette through the game's varied environments.

Leveling-up your fighter gives you access to extra abilities that can be mapped to onscreen buttons, putting 400-hit combos within your reach. Holding down the attack button chains standard blows together, leaving you to decide which targets to attack and when to unleash abilities to best effect.

Once a level is complete you can re-enter it to grind XP in Auto Mode, during which your character automatically attacks everything. Its an interesting way to grind, and the AI still needs help on higher difficulties, but does mean you're lazily chasing combos while knowing there is little skill behind them.

The challenge peaks at the end of a zone when you meet the boss. These hulking brutes destroy you if you are not paying attention, with a single blow able to knock off half your health. Here, knowing when to hold position and when to move is key, but with no dodge function this is a less exciting dynamic than the combo-chasing gameplay.

Having fought through a level only to end up mullered in two hits by a boss is frustrating because it costs in-app currency to continue. You can choose to save your moneym of course, but this requires you restart the level, losing everything you have collected and forced into spending stamina points.

Luckily the stamina system is not limiting. With story, monster wave, and verses game modes each demanding different types of energy to enter, there is always somewhere to grind for gold, materials, items, and experience.

Again, this can be sped up through IAPs, but this is only a major issue during automated multiplayer matches, where overpowered gear can result in pay-to-win scenarios.

Kritika: Chaos Unleashed is an entertaining free-to-play experience that introduces some interesting twists to ease the grind. The IAPs may put off some, but you can get a decent amount of enjoyment out of the game without breaking the bank.


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