Gemini Strike Review

By , on September 16, 2014

Gemini Strike: Space Shooter
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4 out of 5


  • Controls are combat are tight
  • RPG loot-harvesting is a nice addition


  • Life-based energy system locks you out too often
  • Not as deep as it seems


The combat is fun, and the RPG elements like improving your ship and boosting your firepower a welcome addition. We could do without the life-based energy system, though.

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While developer Cave has got the vertically-scrolling shooter market pretty much sewn up, games like Dodonpachi come with a fairly stiff price tag.

Enter Gemini Stike, an arcade-inspired blaster with lots of lasers, big bosses, but zero barrier to entry.

But can a free-to-play shmup really hold its own against the premium powerhouses already available on iOS? Jon Munday from Pocket Gamer thinks shooter fans may find room in their heart for Gemini Stike's old-skool charms, albeit with one or two reservations.

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