CounterSpy™ Review

By , on September 16, 2014

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5 out of 5


  • Endless replayability
  • Stylish cartoon look evokes an authentic '60s feel
  • Smart, responsive controls


  • Takes a while to get into the swing of things


Gorgeous, challenging, and smart, Counterspy is a top-tier stalk-'em-up with tons of personality.

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Whether you're crawing around under a cardbox box in Metal Gear Solid, or straddling a hallway while an unsuspecting guard strolls beneath your crotch in Splinter Cell, there's nothing quite like a good stealth game.

Counterspy is a cartoon love letter to espionage thrillers and cold war unease. This side-scrolling roguelike casts you as a secret agent trying to infiltrate a military base and prevent the imminent launch of a Soviet nuke.

As Pocket Gamer's Giles Armstrong found, the iOS port does a great job of recreating the PSN hit on a touchscreen device. If you want to find out why, just watch the video above.

Watch the video above to hear the full review.

Read the review transcript over on Pocket Gamer.


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