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Hidden Gem of the Week: Manowar

Feature By Christian Valentin, 6 years, 1 month ago

Blend a swaying ship, cannons, and a colorful assortment of cannonballs together and you'd get the tricky and satisfying puzzle game that is Manowar. Trailer Each level of Manowar is the cutaway of a drifting ship filled with various platforms, barriers, and cannonballs, lined with cannons. The goal is simple: tilt the ship in the right ways that maneuver the cannonballs into the properly cannons and fire them into the surrounding ocean. The twist is that each time you fire a cannon also results in the remaining cannonballs to bounce into the air; this mechanical quirk lets you bounce cannonballs between platforms or even into position balacing atop other cannonballs. Then direction-spe…