App Wrap Up (Thursday Edition, 22nd November 2012)

By , on November 22, 2012

Hey hey all. Seeing that it's Thanksgiving over in the US, the majority of the news surrounding this week has been Black Friday sales. Seeing as your site already has that handy section informing our viewers when games go on sale, we'll just have to give you another App Wrap Up to tide you over. As always, we'll be looking at some games that may have fallen under the radar, and will be making quick evaluations based on their trailers. Enjoy!

Starbloom (Shadegrown Games)

This is kind of reminiscent of Catch-22 in its presentation, only this game allows you to move off the beaten path, and as you play, more orbits are created. Looks relaxing and enjoyable.
[App Store Link]

Directional - Gem Matching Game (

A neat little spin on the match-3 genre by introducing direction into the matching (that is the name of the game after all). With multiple modes, this looks to keep fans very busy indeed.
[App Store Link]

Hungry Giraffe (Laughing Jackal Ltd)

Amusing art, a ridiculous premise... Hungry Giraffe certainly ticks a few of the originality boxes. As long as the controls are tight, and the progression of this high score game is engaging, I think they have a winner here.
[App Store Link]


A game where you use circular gestures to merge creatures of the same type together. Throw in solid presentation, and plenty of interesting power-ups and you've made yourself a game that looks worth a look.
[App Store Link]

Flea Symphony (Majesco)

We have trained these fleas to make music, but now you must help them create compositions. It's a rhythm game with a touch of The Incredible Machine thrown in. Considering the art, i imagine that it's not as complex as it probably looks, so should be quite enjoyable.
[App Store Link]

And that's it for another installment. Two days in a row! I'm spoiling you all. Well if you're in the US, enjoy stuffing your face with Turkey, and I'll catch you on the next installment.