App Wrap Up (Midweek Edition, 21st November 2012)

By , on November 21, 2012

Hey Hey readers. It's nice for another App Wrap Up! Exciting isn't it. As always we will be looking at some titles that may have passed under the radar, and will be showing you their trailers, and then making curt qualitative comments based on them. Oh happy days! Let's get started!

Rhythmix (Krithee Sirisith)

I don't know if calling this a high octane rhythm game does it justice. It looks nuts to tell the truth. Multiple tap and swipe gestures and if the trailer audio is an indication, a fast paced soundtrack. I think rhythm game fans should have a blast here.
[App Store Link]

Soccer Punk (AppCom Interactive GmbH)

A fun little spin on the all too worn physics flinger formula. It has a simplistic, yet endearing cartoon art style to boot.
[App Store Link]

Zombonic (Mesmer Mobile)

Even though zombie games have been done to death, I'm still willing to give them time if it looks like there might be something interesting to it. Zombonic doesn't look like it will reinvent any wheels, but its constrctive atmosphere and 'shoot to survive' gameplay warrant a look.
[App Store Link]

Strange Matter (Sprocketwire)

Boasting tight and responsive controls, this looks like one of those games where you guide your puck-like character through restrictive environments... only this time you have a blaster! The soundtrack is kind of interesting too.
[App Store Link]

Tiny Nova (Zone 5 Interactive Inc.)

Yes it's a match-3 game, but the way you can rearrange all the objects on the screen really caught my eye. It looks fun to play around with regardless of how engaging the actual game is, and sometimes that's enough.
[App Store Link]

And that's it for another installment! Till next time, enjoy your gaming all. Dave out!