App Wrap Up (Tuesday Edition, 6th November 2012)

By , on November 6, 2012

Hey Hey Appspy readers! It's Dave here with another installment of the App Wrap Up! Tuesday the 6th is sure a big day. Oh yes there's that important election going on over in the United States of America (whereever that is), but over here in Australia, not only is it the Melborne cup horse race, but the lotto is up to one hundred million dollars tonight. Guess who didn't buy a ticket? This guy.

As always we want to stress that we're just posting the trailers of games that look interesting that we don't have time to review, and all our impressions are based on these trailers. If you have played these games, or decide to based on what you see here, please let us know in the comments. Let's get started!

Octacube Mini ( Eyal Revivo)

A fun looking little block sliding puzzle game with decent art and a soundtrack that I would probably turn off pretty quickly (but to each their own). Could be worth a play for puzzle fans.
[App Store Link]

Red Revolution 3d (Lowell List)

It's Tetris in 3D, with a neat aesthetic and decent music. That really should be all you need to know.
[App Store Link]

The Great Jitters: Panic Ride (kunst-stoff GmbH)

You play a glob of green jelly constantly choosing rail paths to go down while using a horn to scare away scary things. Perhaps one for younger players but I thought there might be some millage from this title.
[App Store Link]

8th Floor: Secret of Castle (PICTOSOFT Co.,Ltd)

I can't really say why, but puzzle games with gears hold a special place in my heart, and this particular title looks geartastic! With 3D contraptions and what looks like some nice variation on this geary theme, the small amounts of Engrish present should dissuade gear headed puzzle fans.
[App Store Link]

Sneezeman (Sensei Games LLP & Modern Toss)

A decent looking platformer with vehicles, and the power to use your sneezing for the purpose of flight. It's got kind of a charm to it too.
[App Store Link]

And that's it for another update. Tune in next instalment, some app time, same app channel. Have fun gaming all!