App Wrap Up (Midweek Edition, 12th December 2012)

By , on December 12, 2012

Hey hey folks! Welcome to another installment of the App Wrap Up... this week! Isn't it crazy? Anyways, being an auspicious occasion, and by that i mean the date is 12/12/12, let's celebrate by looking at some games that look interesting based solely on their trailers. Here we go!

Tribot (deVoid Games)

An interesting take on the endless runner genre. The bot has three wheels, and while one of them can hit a hole in the road, any more will cause it to crash. The concept probably doesn't stretch very far, but a new approach is always welcome.
[App Store Link]

StarCaptain (Number TwentyFiveent Ertainment)

As a captain, it's up to you to catch the stars (for posterity i'm assuming). The game looks to use tilt controls, and with some clever level design, this form of star hopping could be quite enjoyable.
[App Store Link]

Zombies. (Nicholas Gorissen)

This is a different kind of zombie game, referring to wage slaves and the shackles of the corperate lifestyle. It also has a very cool pixel art look to it. A twin stick shooter with a myriad of weapons and destructable environments. Looks good.
[App Store Link]

Sygsus (Sean Summers)

Using touch to keep the coloured orb in a certain section of the screen. Seems simple enough, perhaps even too much so... but there's something intriguing about this concept and the execution of it.
[App Store Link]

Starsphere (Yaroslav Konov)

To be honest, i'm not even sure how this platformer really works as it seems that in a lot of the trailer, the ball is floating around rather than bouncing on the coloured squiggles. This is another one of those simple games that has something intriguing about it, despite its basic design and lackluster visuals (although the use of neon is nice).
[App Store Link]

And that's it for today. Kind of an abstract bunch but I think there's something to enjoy there for everyone. If you've played any of these games or are gonna give them a try based on this article, tell us what you think in the comments. Till next time, enjoy your gaming everyone!