App Wrap Up (Thursday Edition, 1st November 2012)

By , on November 1, 2012

Hey hey everyone. I don't know about you guys but as Summer is fast approaching here in Australia, the heat is getting pretty unbearable for me. Still, it doesn't stop me from giving you another edition of the column you all love so very very much, the App Wrap Up! As always, we're gonna look at some trailers of iPhone games that look potentially interesting, and then give some comments on them based on said trailers. If something looks good to you and you give it a go, all the better! Let's get started!

Trauma Ted (Lonely Pin PocketGames)

A simple little puzzle platformer about getting an injured cat to his pain medication. The levels are short and sweet, and it looks to involve some fun physics elements as well.
[App Store Link]

Plasma Orb (TZAR games)

Marble Madness updated for modern day? Super Monkey Ball with a different art style? Whatever comparisons you wish to make, as long as the tilt controls are tight, this could be a lot of fun!
[App Store Link]

Spiderway (Tango Games)

A color based action game with cartoon spiders, web connections, and power-ups. the art may put off some people but younger games should certainly enjoy what's on offer here.
[App Store Link]

Draw a Stickman Epic (, Inc.)

I like games where you can draw your own art assets, and while Draw a Stickman Epic doesn't look like there will be anything too taxing, the creative potential makes me curious.
[App Store Link]

Hungry Shark Evolution (Future Games of London Ltd)

Who doesn't want to swim around as a manic, bloodthirsty shark, devouring fish and jumping onto fishing boats to wreck havoc? I think this game will placate that need.
[App Store Link]

And that's it for another installment. I hope you all had a Happy Halloween, and we'll see you next time on the App Wrap Up.